Equipping single women with knowledge and resources essential to the growth of
their overall self-awareness, self-development, and self-advancement.


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Through education, and providing resources and extensive coaching by experts in their respective fields (from entrepreneurship to overall well-being), Single Woman Power Network is building a community of individuals that, through their own success, contributes to society’s overall growth economically, statistically, and intellectually.

In The Single Woman’s Checklist: Eight Essentials for Becoming a Prepared, Productive and Powerful Woman, De’Nisha Sh’Lene reveals the truths of singlehood and provides practical steps to help you:

  • Increase productivity and enjoyment as a single woman

  • Unveil your purpose and establish professional and personal goals

  • Identify areas of self-development and self-improvement (from inner peace to finances)

  • Create a vision for your life and prepare for the next phase

  • Maximize time to become a prepared, productive and powerful single woman

The Single Woman’s Checklist is the intended blueprint for becoming the prepared, productive and powerful woman that the Single Woman Power Network encourages and supports.

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Meet De’Nisha Sh’Lene

De’Nisha Sh’Lene is a clinical social worker, highly sought-after motivational speaker, minister, author and entrepreneur. She is gifted in the areas of prophetic intercession, entrepreneurship, mentorship and leadership. She combines these unassailable gifts, her love of Christ and wealth of knowledge, to impact the world around her.

De’Nisha holds three academic degrees including a Bachelor of Science in psychology (Grand Valley State University), a Master of Social Work (University of Michigan), and she recently attained a Master of Arts in theological studies (Liberty University). Her extensive studies afford her the capabilities to counsel and coordinate treatment plans for at-risk individuals as a clinical social worker. Similarly, she advocates for those in need of personal, spiritual and entrepreneurial guidance.

With a passion for helping women, De’Nisha founded the Saved in Style Sisterhood organization, through which she mentors a global network of women from the United States to England, and the Model Life Mentoring teenage empowerment group. She teaches her “Wife in Training” seminar statewide, produced the Model Life show on Impact Radio Network, authored Pray Like A Wife: 31 Days of Praying for Your Husband/Future Husband, created the audio training CD, 10 Ways to Identify the Counterfeit Man, and the “Make No Apologies” blog. One of her most recent business ventures, the Single Woman Power Network, was the recipient of the Motor City Match Business Planning Award.

As a native of Detroit, Michigan, De’Nisha Sh’Lene loves to travel, spend time with her six Godchildren and make others laugh. De’Nisha’s heart is set on leading the multitudes to Christ and through a wide array of endeavors, she is dedicated to helping single women grow personally, spiritually and entrepreneurially. Her latest achievement is the release of her sophomore book – a workbook entitled, The Single Woman’s Checklist: Eight Essentials for Becoming a Prepared, Productive and Powerful Single Woman.

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This virtual masterclass features eight speakers in various professions such as a business coach and brand expert, financial planner, nurse practitioner, esthetician and make-up artist, relationship expert and business accountant who will educate women on the skills and resources needed to become productive and powerful women.

The Productive and Powerful Woman Masterclass will be held every Monday at 8pm (EST) online. After registering for the class, you will receive everything you need to get started.


Masterclass Instructors

This 8 week virtual Webinar will include the following Master sessions:
***click instructor to learn more about each course and instructor***

Requirements for class:

Access to internet and computer/tablet/smartphone

**Please be sure to purchase your copy of The Single Woman’s Checklist separately,
as it will be used as the class manual. **

The Power of Credit Restoration

Your credit score is your reputation as a borrower. It indicates to potential lenders how likely you are to repay your loans. Lender review your credit score to decide whether or not to approve your loan request and how much interest to charge you.

We live in a credit driven society. Your credit score now affects a lot more than the ability to get a loan or a credit card. It can affect whether you get a job, the amount of money you pay for insurance, your ability to get an apartment and even how your personal/marital relationships work out.

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